Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife

Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife in 3 Days

Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife: Love is one of the preliminary fundamentals of Islam, and the relation between a wife and husband is the utmost secret in nature. In Islam, the beloved Prophet has offered as many answers as possible we are the Holy Quran to each issue in a human’s life.

The Quranic dua to bring husband and wife closer will take care of the marital relationship between the spouses by nurturing it. This dua will help the wife to gain more love her partner has towards her day by day. Arguments, disagreements, and even fights are part and parcel of marital life. All of them are bound to happen between a married couple.

Unpleasant moments are the reality of specific scenarios when you are spending your life with another person. They cannot always understand what their partner wants and needs every single day. Not because they do not pay any attention to their life partner but because they are just human beings. Life is a spinning wheel of bad and good. How the good days and the bad days are also not going to last for very long.

Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife

This is why no one’s marriage should be defined by some bad moments or some good moments. They are just simply a part of the whole picture. Just like a couple should not get overly optimistic when living through the fortunate period, they should not give up their hope and stop putting effort during the unfortunate times of marital life. They should know that this hope and effort will help them get past this not-so-pleasant time in life.

Powerful Dua to Increase Love between Husband and Wife

Allah Tala will always reward the wife and husband who have considered that the power of Faith will always be greater than any issue. Spouses who keep their belief in the beloved Prophet intact and take care and respect each other throughout the unfortunate series of events will always receive blessings.

The wazifa dua to win the husband’s heart and love is very powerful and effective when performed sincerely and adequately.

With pure intentions in heart, any better half can expect steady improvement as an instant result of their prayers. 

The procedures of Dua wazifa to achieve more affection and respect from the husband’s heart.

  • This Dua should be recited right after Maghrib, which is the evening prayer.
  • The first step of this procedure is to create some fresh wudu.
  • Then the individuals have to repeat the Surah Al Fatiha at least five times.
  • After that, the individuals have to pick out any sweets of their choice.
  • Then the individual should gently blow on the sweet.
  • Now the voice can retire from the prayer and make her husband consume that sweet.

This is a mighty and auspicious Dua. The individuals will come across immediate results within a matter of time.

Strong wazifa for husband love

If the wife is performing these procedures with pure intentions in her heart, she will feel the increased love and admiration from the bottom of her husband’s heart. Before performing these procedures, the precautions a wife should know intensify the respect and adoration in her husband’s heart. There are:

  1. Dua is always a plea to Allah Tala.
  2. Often some individuals perform these Dua when they do not have such pure intentions in their heart or do not have enough Belief in the beloved Prophet. 
  3. This is why individuals should keep some points clear before carrying out the dua and follow them with pure intentions before each Dua individual must clean the body’s impurities.
  4. When they are carrying out the Dua, they should offer complete submission to Allah Tala.
  5. It will help them with the issues in their life.
  6. Which indicates that they have to have strong trust and complete Faith in the beloved Prophet.
  7. Individuals should not carry out these Dua if they do not have complete trust.
  8. The individuals should not lose patience or trust. Allah Tala knows what the best time to unleash the blessings upon each person is. This is why they should not feel frustrated or upset.
  9. Females who are going through their menstruation should not carry out the Dua until the period is over.

Procedures of Dua wazifa to intensify love between the wife and husband

  • Recite the wazifa after Fajr, which is the morning Namaz.
  • Take a bath to purify the body and soul before the Dua.
  • After that, the individuals have to recite the Surah Taha thrice.
  • Then the individuals have to narrate the verse Ayat Al Kursi 300 times.
  • Then you can repeat the wazifa dua for husband’s love, respect and attention.
  • After completing recitations, individuals should pray to Allah Tala for blessings.


The Dua wazifa strengthens the bond between the wife and her husband. This powerful Dua is very effective for challenging situations in marital life. Keep the Faith high above anything else, and the beloved Prophet will Shower unconditional love and blessing upon the good-hearted devotees.

Also, contact our Mufti Sahab if you need any type of help. In Sha Allah, after contacting him, you will solve all types of your problems in your relationship.